Some interesting book finds at used book store.


Just got back from used book store in Milw. In the "dusty" section found the two volume set of "Forward Freemasonry". It is the complete 150 year history of FM in WI. Complete list of lodges, events,WM, history etc. Pub in 1995 by Allan Iding. Very cool. Just found out Damascus #290 (my lodge) used to have a traveling Quartet Band called "Damascus Hotshots" during WWII.

In same section of books, I found a Claudy Intro to FM booklet for a Mason named William S. Hicken. He was raised in Sept of 1960 at the Myron Reed Lodge #297. All the members signed it.The book is in excellent shape for being 50 Plus years old (like new). What a great piece of history. The WM at the time was a man named t. Arnold Shultz (inside sig)

The Claudy must have come from an estate sale, which saddens me that no family member saw the value in passing it along to future generations or possibly finding a current family member that is an active mason. I will keep it.

There should be an "online library" were we MM's that find this sort fo thing could submit scanned copies of these little nuggets of history to preserve some of the continuity between Brothers today and the men who built the lodges we enjoy. Just a thought.




Great finds! it would certainly be cool to find stuff like that here in Florida. I'm afraid the only stuff I've found so far is the "anti" rhetoric crap.

It inspires me to keep looking though.


I have a complete set of hardback first edition "Dune" books by Frank Herbert. Took me forever to gather them up.