St. Thomas of Acon


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Here is a thread on an interesting order known as Saint Thomas of Acon:

Officially known as the Commemorative Order of Saint Thomas of Acon and in America it is led by the Grand Preceptor's Council for the United States of America. This Order, while only 10-years old in the US, was established in 1974. Membership in this Order is by invitation-only with the prerequisite that they also be a member of a recognized Commandery of Knights Templar. There is also a membership restriction for each Chapel. The basic organization, the constituent body of the Order is called a Chapel and is led by a Worthy Master while the presiding officer over the Grand Preceptor's Council for the USA is called the Provincial Grand Preceptor

That we have a revival of this very English Order of Chivalry is due to the untiring efforts of our first Grand Master, Sir John of Dorking (the late John Walker who was Secretary General of the S.R.I.A. for many years). John spent more than twenty years searching the archives of the Guildhall Library for information about the Order of St. Thomas of Acon, intending initially to write its history. Happily, he discovered the report of the Installation of the Master in 1510, an account so unusual and so typically English, that he felt compelled to revive the Order, albeit Masonically, rather than attempt to compete with the many histories of these Islands - some, alas, more lurid than accurate- which vie for public attention.