Still hitting that brick wall !


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I had a sit down last night with my Chapters long time Past Worthy Patron (18 years) and talked through all this . He said to take my time , I have secured another Past WP to do the work for me while I continue my studies . My Chapter is fresh out of Brothers who can or are willing to put this to memory so the torch HAS to be passed on to younger Brothers , and I am the youngest Brother .

You are correct , it is the pressure , and now that the pressure is off , all of this should start falling into place eventually .
Excellent and a win-win as another Brother gets to step up and help the chapter.

I feel that pressure too, anytime my wife, Nancy, and I go the a OES, they are all over her, like ants on sugar. Once he gets his MM, YOU can join Star! (drool, drool, slobber, slobber), or we can 'find' you an ancestor who was a Mason and then YOU don't have to wait!
My Brother Doug and I have a pact not to join Star until we both pass MM proficiency. :rolleyes: (His wife is in Star already). My wife's latest dodge is that Doug's wife has to quit smoking before she can join.


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It is a beautiful organization , but it is dying out . Unlike the Blue Lodge where we have been taking in younger men as of late , the OES is not . We have a few young members in my Chapter , but not enough to keep our doors open 10 to 20 years from now .

I think it will end up like Job's Daughters . There is only one Bethel of Job's Daughters left in Kentucky . They are all alone , without any state leadership , struggling to keep their doors open because young girls do not want anything to do with groups such as these .
WOW...never in a zillion years would anyone think a topic on the OES would travel down the "ear hair" path....... gotta love the masons mind.....


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I read it into my PC and upload my GPS or an MP3 player, so I can talk to myself wherever I go... If caught by the profane, I promise to eat the GPS or MP3 player....
Nice! Yeah, I'm going to grad school right now, and as a result, I can almost never remember my Chaplain's prayers. I'm going to have to try that idea for memorization myself. Especially when I'll be installed as Adah in a couple of months. I know a few prayers and a star-point's few speeches are nothing compared to WP initiatory work, but we all have trouble from time to time!


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I am now happy to say , after so many frustrating MONTHS , that it has all finally fallen into place . It is done , I have it all put to memory . Now the next big challenge , putting on the work in real time . After I get my feet wet and do it a time or two I will find my groove , luckily my first time will be a mock Initiation (I can refer to my ritual and secret work if I get stuck and use it as a SOI ) .


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wtg Ashlar, I had no doubt that you would work it out. You always seem to! Congrats on progressing, and good luck in the Mock Ritual.


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I am happy it is done , I honestly did not know how much more abuse my ritual book could take being flung across the room . The wording is odd and so different in some places and so close in other places to our Blue Lodge ritual that it was really throwing me off and I could not find my cadence , my flow .

I practice going through it several times a day now .