The Alchemical Influence on the Gentle Craft


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Really? Brother Hogan puts up a video four days ago and the only comment is, "nice video?"



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This video was done for the weofm project and posted 9-17-11 on their site. There are some great videos on that site. Bro. Winter, you also did not post a comment about that video.


Troll Stomper
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I have a hard time actually finishing the video. I've watched it 5 or 6 times when Bro. Hogan posted it for WEOFM and cannot sit through it to the end.


Troll Stomper
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IMHO, I think it's due to the fact that his voice is monotone. He seems to be deliberately altering his speech pattern to sound "mystical". No offense to our good Brother, but I find that is a common theme in hypnotism and the power of suggestion. While the information contained in his lecture is informative and thought provoking, his delivery is not my cup of tea.

Bob Franks

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Sorry, I don't buy the connection between Masonry and alchemy. Comparing symbols like the crucible and the MM apron I see as a coincidence. There were many symbols for the crucible in his graphic, some of them appearing to be cruciate; does this mean Christians are practicing alchemy?
I also do not see the connection between Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury being the same as Corn, Wine, and Oil to dedicate a cornerstone.

Alchemy is more or less proto-chemistry, and it was a necessary step to developing the Science of chemistry we know today, but we have learned to leave behind the chants, the mental attitudes, phases of the moon, and the like, to practice chemistry.

I don't really feel the speaker is using monotone voice to sound more mystical. There is some inflection in his speech, though some people just don't have a lot.