The Grotto (MOVPER)


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I have attempted to find information about MOVPER and it is lacking online. They seem similar to the Shrine. What are the main differences? Basically any information would be nice. Thank you.

I know they are not part of the Shrine. However, this seemed to be the best section to put them in.


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As Bro. hodapp put it in his book, they are referred to as a "poor man's shrine". I know there is the Grand one near here. I'll talk to some of my bro's to see if they have info about it.


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I've talked to a few members. As BukeyeJackson said, many refer to it as the "poor man's Shrine". I know their charity work involves dental work for children. Been to their meeting place as a Lodge I visited met in the same building.

Other then that, what I know has only come from books like Freemason for Dummies.