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Also, I would bet that you have days off work where you spend almost all of it with family. Even the operative stone masons had a day of rest.
I appreciate the responses. I think in the end, the TFIG has served as an adequate reminder / wake up call. It has made me stop and think about just how I divide my time. In that process, I've come to the realization that I don't spend enough time with my God or my family. Am I really dedicating that time to my family, or am I actually sitting in a separate chair from my wife, mindlessly watching TV in the same room as her?

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Wow... who pulled this thread out of the crypt? I'm glad it's still useful.
I think bringing up old threads is good. As I discovered, Masonic meanings has layers. One day a symbol can mean one thing, as you learn other things that same symbol can have a whole different meaning. Its great.


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How has every adjusted their guages since the time this thread has formed?

I personally have found a better balance between my learning and housework and fatherly duties... Oh and Lodge.