Time to repair my driveway


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The concrete in front of my garage is breaking up, so I have to bite the bullet and get someone in to repair it but should I use concrete again or would it be better to tarmac or pave? Which is most cost effective?


I haven't priced it lately, but concrete has been exceptionally expensive in recent times due to most of our processing plants shipping it overseas.

Asphalt may be cheaper, but you should make sure you get a quality vendor who knows what he's doing. If you get a shoddy job with Asphalt, it'll crumble like a dry cookie.


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I just poured 4 yards of concrete at my house. Locally the price is $86.50 a yard. That will get you 81 square feet at 4 inches thick. I have been told that with the price of Petroleum products today that it is less expensive to use concrete again.


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I really think concrete is the best option. Paving does not last as long or look good for as long (in my opinion) and tarmac has environmental concerns as Patrick points out.