To my LEO brtehren


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If you catch me speeding , and ask why , I will turn the volume up on my stereo in my truck and this will be my answer ...... I have Metallica blaring LOL . Not an excuse mind you , just an observation . It is funny how music affects you , I can listen to classical and actually catch myself driving under the speed limit because it mellows me out and relaxes me but the moment I pop in a heavy metal CD/ipod(phone) and my foot goes to the floor and I start driving very defensive .

Are there any studies on this ?


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Not that I am aware of. It does seem to be the norm however. I would not suggest turning the music up when asked a question though :cool:.


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I was driving home from the boat I worked on early one morning (around 3:30 in the morning) and was pulled over by a State Trooper . He did not pull me over for speeding , but for just being out "driving around that late/early" . I did everything correctly , I hit my emergency lights , turned on the cabin light so he could see me clearly , kept both hand on the steering wheel where they would be in view . The one thing I did not do is turn down my Black Sabbath . I did not want to make any movements that he may take as a threat so I left it turned up . He says " Sir , kick a** music , but could you turn it down ?" . I just started laughing .


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Anything that pumps you up will get your body to be more active, i. e. Leg extending, thus pushing on the pedal. A good attitude & Sabbath will probably get you a pass!