Tool envy


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I was at Home Depot and they were having this sale on summer tools. They had rototillers and things like that - that were out of season that were priced great. It took everything I had to walk out of the store with what I came for instead of going hog wild. I had tool envy... ever happen to you?


They don't call that place the Mens toy store for nothing!...LOL That happens to me every time I walk in there.


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Listen, I once bought three bags of assorted screws and nails for £5 at a car boot sale (like a yard sale only in a huge field with many people selling). I carried them around the field as we looked at the other items for sale and they weighed a ton! I couldn't wait to get home so I could examine my treasures. My wife thinks I'm crazy!:p


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I recognise this phenomenon! I have a husband like this. I think it applies to every man in fact. Whenever I lose him in a large store, I just have to find the tools or gardening section and there he is!


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Yeah, I have that problem. Even worse is the wife and I are looking at new houses, including bigger property so I can have a "proper" garden. But we have not been successful yet in our adventures, and hate to buy the stuff even with the sales lately.


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My wife is so understanding

I have a lot of tools and many duplicate tools. The thing is, my wife is very understanding, the tools have saved us a lot of money because I was able to fix things myself. :)