War Plan Red


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Joint Army and Navy Basic War Plan Red, also known as the Atlantic Strategic War Plan, was a plan for the United States to make war with the British Empire (the "Red" forces). It was developed by the United States Army following the 1927 Geneva Naval Conference; and approved in May 1930 by the Secretary of War and the Secretary of Navy, updated in 1934–35. In 1939 it was decided that further planning was no longer applicable but that the plan be retained. [1] War Plan Red was declassified in 1974.
The war was intended to be a continental war, waged primarily on North American territory between the United States and the British Empire. The assumption was that Canada would represent the primary theater of operations.

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Pretty interesting. Wonder how that would have turned out.


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It was kind of interesting looking at some of the other rainbow war plans.

War Plan Black A plan for war with Germany. The best-known version of Black was conceived as a contingency plan during World War I in case France fell and the Germans attempted to seize French possessions in the Caribbean Sea or launch an attack on the eastern seaboard.

War Plan Gray Dealt with invading the Portuguese Azores.

War Plan Brown Dealt with an uprising in the Philippines.

War Plan Tan Intervention in Cuba.

War Plan Red Plan for Great Britain (with a sub variant Crimson Plan for Canada).

War Plan Orange Plan for Japan.

War Plan Yellow Dealt with war in China - specifically, the defense of Beijing and relief of Shanghai during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

War Plan Gold Involved war with France, and/or France's Caribbean colonies.

War Plan Green Involved war with Mexico or what was known as "Mexican Domestic Intervention" in order to defeat rebel forces and establish a pro-American government. War Plan Green was officially canceled in 1946.

War Plan Indigo Involved an occupation of Iceland. In 1941, while Denmark was under German occupation, the US actually did occupy Iceland, relieving British units during the Battle of the Atlantic.

War Plan Purple Dealt with invading a South American republic.

War Plan Violet Covered Latin America.

War Plan White Dealt with a domestic uprising in the US, and later evolved to Operation Garden Plot, the general US military plan for civil disturbances and peaceful protests. Parts of War Plan White were used to deal with the Bonus Expeditionary Force in 1932. Communist insurgents were considered the most likely threat by the authors of War Plan White.

In addition there were combinations such as Red-Orange, which was necessitated by the Anglo-Japanese military alliance which expired in 1924.


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Was there ever a war plan for Ireland?
Keep the beer and whiskey flowing so they do not take over the world. ;) As I tell people the good Lord created whiskey so the Irish would not rule the earth.

But I'm sure they have/had an old war plan somewhere for it.


Any Nation could take over Ireland.
Just promise to lower the price of alcohol.