What's on your iPod or in your CD player ?


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I want to thank someone who shall remain anonymous. But they gifted me the Float album by Flogging Molly. Been trying to figure out this song, and I'm sure by now the wife is tired of listening to it.


Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer
I wonder if it would be in bad taste to post this on the wife's wall
Wife asked me, "Why don't you pay me the same attention you give the dogs?"

"Well...every time I walk in the door from work, do you run to greet me?
Do you get so excited you jump up and down when you see me?
...And even pee on yourself?
When is the last time you covered my face with kisses, just...because?
Do you roll over on your back for a belly rub?
Do you twitch your leg when I rub your neck?
When is the last time you sat by me on the sofa with part of your body draped over my leg just to be near me?
And just looked deeply into my eyes with understanding, but not saying anything, when I complained my troubles?"

"Any other questions?"