Why would you leave the Shrine ?


Masonic Mafia
I have a question for the Nobles here ...... Why would you leave the Shrine if they did break away from Freemasonry ? Are you in it just to have fun with other Masons or are you in it for the children or both ? I ask because I know many Masons who are in groups such as the Lion's Club and other charitable groups that are non-Masonic , so if the Shrine broke away , why not remain a member to support the children's hospitals ? And if they did make a clean break then no Grand Lodge could claim them as clandestine , because they would be an independent group just like the Lion's club , Elks , Moose , Eagles and other groups and a Grand Lodge can not control what groups you are a member of that is not Masonic in nature and in my jurisdiction , the Shrine is not considered a "Masonic" body now let alone if they broke away .

Really , no answer is wrong , if your in the Shrine for fun and the hospital is an after thought (or no thought at all ) then there is nothing to be ashamed of as I know some who are in it only for the fun (which was it's true purpose anyway ) .

And I know some who abhor all the drinking and parties the Shrine throws and only concentrates on the hospitals and the transportation of the children to said hospitals .

And many who are in it for both .

So again , why would you leave ? I am only curious .


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This may or not be the answer you are looking for. But I will continue to support the Hospitals. When I had one forum that had subscriptions people bought on the site I would often take one month and make it a donation month. Everyone who bought a subscription that month the money would go to a charity, typically the Shriners Hospitals. If/when I get other sites that large again I would like do it on those sites. As long as the hospitals, doctors, and staff there continue their great work making experience as good as can be for parents and children I will support them. I actually know some children who look forward to going to the doctors there. How often do you see that?


Masonic Mafia
Thanks Jason .

Alright , how about anyone who has been a Shriner or is thinking of becoming a Shriner chime in .