Working Tools of a Fellowcraft (Emulation)


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Progressing from initiation, when a Freemason is passed to the rank of a Fellowcraft, he is given a presentation by the Worshipful Master of the working tools of the second degree. The tools on display are the Square, the Level and the Plumb Rule.

The Square
One of the most famous Masonic symbols, the Square, in operative terms, is used to try and adjust rectangular corners of buildings. In Masonic terms it represents morality, and teaches Masons to regulate their lives and actions by correct conduct, thus rendering the individual acceptable to the Creator.

The Level
In operative terms, the Level is used to lay lines and prove horizontals. To a Freemason, the Level means equality. It is a reminder that everyone springs from the same divine source and that death is the grand leveller of all no matter what greatness is achieved in life. The Level, by representing equality, acts as an emblem to remind Freemasons that, no matter what social status someone comes from, each person is entitled to equal regard.

The Plumb Rule
Operatively, the Plumb Rule is used to try and adjust uprights while fixing them on their proper bases. In Masonic terms it represents justness and uprightness of life and actions. Its purpose is to remind Masons that they should walk on the right path before God and man, neither veering to the right nor the left. The path is one of virtue, and should guide a Mason so that he avoids avarice, injustice, malice, revenge, selfishness and envy. The Plumb Rule also reminds Masons that they should not be a slanderer, enthusiast or a persecutor of religion, but to observe a decent moral code among their fellow men.

These three working tools of the second degree further progress a Mason's knowledge. The first, the Square, teaches a Mason morality. The second, the Level teaches equality, and the third, the Plumb Rule, teaches the value of justness and uprightness of life and actions.

Emulation Lodge Lodge of Improvement (Lewis Masonic Publishers; 8th ed. 1986).

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