Yet another one


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Will it ever stop? They just keep popping out. After a week of going back and forth to the hospital the wife and I were blessed on Friday at 11:47 with a little boy weighing in at 7.68 pounds and 19 inches long. Thankfully no problems this time around with either baby or mamma and we were sent home Sunday evening. So now we have added a little Joseph Nathaniel to our family.


Bob Franks

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Golly, if you figured out what caused that, you wouldn't get surprised! :D

Congratulations! I hope your little lewis continues to be healthy.



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Glad that everyone is healthy. My Dad told my son that science had figured out what causes babies........... :rolleyes:


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Congratulations to you and your wife. We are all uncles again. Maybe we should all make a road trip to meet little Joseph.LOL Your wife would LOVE that.


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what a blessing, congrats to giving life to a beautiful baby! the pictures are beyond precious!!!