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Hello. I’m fairly new and I’m just learning. I would love to know what the most important point to start with is?
How many ages hence must this, my empty Diet Dr Pepper, be re-enacted? In mouths unquenched and refrigerators yet stocked?
...Freemasonry, world-wide as it is, and a world power in the broadest and best sense...concerns mankind as individuals and not en masse...
"The builder builds for a century; Masons, for eternity. The painter paints for a generation; they, for everlasting years..."
Winter, I have been trying to build a Masonic Police Patch collection for about 2 1/2 years. I have been looking for assistance with this. I'm reading some post here and see that you have or had a complete collection at one time which I can no longer view on this site. Would you be willing to assist me in trying to complete my collection? My email address is Thanks in advance Brother.
Brother Bob, I was talking with my junior officers about ritual study and brought up your breakdown. I was using it myself but I recently broke my phone and lost it. Would you mind sending it to me? If not posted here I would gladly accept an email to