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Last night (04-14-2014) Ware Lodge voted to sale our building. The vote went very well 11 for selling and 2 for not. No we begin the process of finding a place to build our new lodge. We have a prospective buyer already!


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If I may ask, why build from the ground up instead of buying an existing building and doing renovation?


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The area we are in is pretty rural and the pickings are slim for existing buildings. We are looking at a few. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer
I envy the old time lodges that rented space over an existing business, that did not have an obligation to a structure with taxes, repairs, insurance, utilities, etc.
I feel that many Masons are more involved in the building than in building their Masonry!
Let's get some of these millstones from our necks!

Put together a box (or boxes) of the objects we need to make a space into a lodge room, similar to the proposed "Lodge in a Box" for military lodges, and not burden ourselves with an edifice that distracts us from Masonry.