Crazy first meeting day.


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The new officers of my lodge were installed two weeks ago today. We are Raising three of our four candidates tonight with the help of some of our Past Masters. In the mean time, I got an email from a brother asking to have a Masonic Memorial sevice peformed for his father. The only day available is also tonight. This should be interesting. I need to open lodge, take the Great Lights to the funeral home in another state, perform the service at 5:30, pack up and be back at my lodge to open for the third degree at 7:00.

Wish me luck.


Plus-sized tuxedo model
It's hard to believe that was only four months ago. While I didn't know it at the time, the brother who passed had asked his son to have his Memorial Service performed by my lodge even though he wasn't a member. It seems he had a falling out with his mother lodge but felt so welcomed at my lodge that he considered it his home even though he never affiliated. I was taught by Grand Lodge that when it comes to Masonic Memorial Services we are to do whatever the family wants and that's what we did.

Since then, I've conferred the third degree on the fourth candidate from that group and a first degree on two brothers. Last Thursday was our Official visit by the DDGM. When I had just been raised, I attended my first Official. I swore that if I were to miss any lodge meeting in the future, that would be the one to miss. Only in Masonry would it take 45 minutes of ritual to write a check to Grand lodge. So, here I am presiding over it.

The East looks a lot easier from the West :)

We had a guest speaker, too. RW Walter Hunt, the Grand Historian. He spoke on Anti-masons in America. We all learned a lot.

My first year in the East has been shaping up to be a wonderful, stressful and rewarding time. Attendance on the sidelines is up. Dues payments are up with several members paying back dues. Brothers are attending our meetings from the other lodges in the district. It's been great. I have had to deal with some surprising challenges but have realized we are doing well. The Officers have given me nothing but support and have worked hard on their ritual. When I mentioned how stressful I was finding the East to a past Master friend of mine, he said, "That's because you care."

My wife has told me over and over that she knew I would be very busy during my term as Master and has supported me more than I could ever ask.

All in all, I'm glad I took this on. I'm especially glad that I have some very capable brothers in line behind me. I'm enjoying being Master but will be very happy when my term comes to an end and I can just sit on the sidelines for a little while.