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Hi everyone,

I have been uploading my collection of masonic e-books to a file share site so that everyone can select what they want when they want. No need to store lots of e-books on your computer taking up valuable space.

Visit and take a look. There are currently over 1,200 e-books; and I mean books, not lectures or short works but full books.

The library is being constantly updated and a data base is available for easy browsing which you can find at:


depending on what format suits your needs.
This does need updating as I have uploaded over 50 new books in the past week which need to be added to the database.

Kind regards

Bro. Keith Carpenter


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yes he definitely has more than me...a little bit of everything, masonic papers, books, anti masonic, occult, it is a fantastic resource. I think I got about 15 from his list that I liked, but he has everything I have and then some.


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More uploads

I was up late last night uploading some more and have about 150 to 180 more to load.
I just can't get over how many there are being scanned these days; it's getting hard to keep up. When I started collecting 10 plus years ago there were only about 30-40 available and these days there are at least 2,000 online.

GoogleBooks it quite frustrating as it would appear that in some countries you can download books which in other countries you can't.

A very good site is:

Stichting Argus - Research into fraternities

It is a Dutch site and there's no need to speak the language; it has lots of rituals there and also offers CDs which are a little pricey but contain some very good ritual books.

Also the Internet Archive org another great source:

Free Books : Download & Streaming : Ebook and Texts Archive : Internet Archive

And there's another good diverse collection (also 4shared):

4shared - Western Mystery Tradition (zapadna duhovna tradicija) - shared folder - free file sharing and storage

Happy hunting.


Dennis Montey

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download problem

Brother Carpenter,
Thanks for sharing these resources. I was unable to download, as download requires a password. I have a 4share account, but, that password doesn't work.


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Hi Dennis,

None of my files require passwords; all are open for anyone to download. For some reason that I've yet to figure out 4Shared sometimes throws up this problem. I have asked about it and am currently awaiting a reply.
You're not the first person to bring this up but all I can suggest is to persevere; it will download.
I'm not sure if it's something to do with host maintenance or because of a large number of download requests affecting bandwidth. It is a little annoying but if you stick with it you'll get what you're after. It always seems to happen at weekends which is why I think it's either maintenance or bandwidth.
Have you tried copying to your account? Does it still ask for a password?

I am looking at setting up a website to offer a complete search facility but this will take time & will mean uploading everything somewhere else. Added to all of the proof reading and editing my time if pretty full at the moment; I currently have nearly 200 books to edit and reformat, happy days. ;)

Ps. It may help if you make me a friend on your account. Just a thought.


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Update on the online library password issue.

I have been speaking to the people at 4Shared about the issue of passwords and it has finally been resolved.

It is a case of maintenance interference; within the folder set ups there are two boxes which need to be unticked and during some recent work one box was ticked in error. this has now been corrected and everything is open for public access again.




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Quick update. Closing in on 1,700 books, and I mean books, not leaflets, reports and procedures.
Over 111,000 downloads to date.
More to be uploaded.


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E-library update.

I had to suspend the library for 3 days due to excessive bandwidth consumption but I have just reactivated it.
The site currently has a bandwidth of 100GBs per month with the option of doubling at a price. I will be reviewing this when the account comes up for renewal in December.

The problem was created by one or two people who decided to download the entire contents of the library in two days and only succeeded in highlighting the stupidity & inconsiderateness of these individuals. This collection of ebooks has taken 10 years to amass and is a long term project. The plan is for the library to continue for as long as it is humanly possible and to introduce new contributors so that it's longevity is guaranteed; this library is not about to disappear overnight and there is no need for anyone to feel the need to download everything today. or

:.: - 4shared user page - 137,311 downloads

I also have lots more to upload so keep your eyes open.

I will also be uploading EPUB files for those of you with Ebook Readers and Smart Tablets.


Bro. Keith


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Library update

Well the library passed the 2,000 mark a few weeks ago and has also passed 150,000 downloads which works out to somewhere in the region of 250 per day since I began.

I have also been using Twitter to update people as and when I load new books which you can find using @JosephBalsamo.
I have recently found that the current Prestonian Lecturer Tony Harvey, Dr David Harrison (author of The Genisis of Freemasonry) and Dr. Robert Lomas have added themselves to my followers which gives me great satisfication for starting this online resource for masonic researchers.

Kind regards & salutations to you all.

Bro. Keith