Going To Buy Suit

You guys were right. I do have to wear a suit. Not all time the time. But there will be time s that ill need wear one. That ill need go buy me a suit soon.


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Duncan beat me to it . He is correct every man should own a suit , not just for lodge but other occasions as well .
Like I Said in early post. There were only times. I have warred a suit. One was for high school prom and my cousin wedding. But they were rented.


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There is a difference in a tuxedo and a suit. Find out what type of suit you need. I would be willing to bet that what you wore to the wedding and prom was more of a tux if you rented them. If you need both a suit and a tux, wait until Jos A Bank has a buy one get many sale and get them then.


Masonic Mafia
James , are you saying you HAVE NEVER WORN a suit ? Or You WILL NEVER WEAR a suit ?

Even lodges who do not require the members to wear suits for stated meetings , there are times that even they should wear one such as Grand Lodge sessions , district meetings , degree work , Masonic funerals etc; etc; .


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I would suggest you make time to shop for a suit and find someone to teach you how to tie the knot for your tie. Suits are generally fitted to the individual and require alteration before they can be worn. Buy the suit at least a week before you need to wear it to allow time for these alterations to be done.