Installation of Officers


Masonic Traveler
Last night was the open officer installation for my home Lodge, I was installed for the ninth year of my life sentence as Secretary. I got a text about 2 hours prior to the supper that the Grand Master was coming, Joe is an old friend and has visited our Lodge many times over the last 12 years or so. There were 18 or 20 ladies on the sidelines as well as visiting Brethren from 4 other Lodges that we visit regularly total of about 30 not including the lodge officers. Great food and great fellowship that is what Masonry is all about.


Laus Deo
We had ours too. I moved sideways and move out of the line and appointed Chaplain. I've performed as Chaplain for 1 stated and 1 degree and a funeral so far and honestly I feel this is where I was meant to be instead of proceeding up the line so far. If I understood correctly I am the first or one of the first that has been appointed Chaplain of our lodge and has not been a Past Master.


Plus-sized tuxedo model
Our vote is in May with the Installation in June. Unless I get really lucky, I'll be installed as Master then ;)


Masonic Traveler
Our Craft Lodge Officer election is this Wednesday 11-18-2015. I have a suspicion that I will be re-elected for year #10 as Secretary of my Lodge.