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The Lodge Suggested Reading List thread got me thinking. How many Lodges have a library for their members? If you do have one, how are things handled as far as handing out books, or acquiring new ones. If your Lodge does not have a library is their any talk of getting one?


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My lodge has a small library. The books are checked out thru the Secretary (me)usually from meeting to meeting (2 - 4 weeks) and then returned the same way. Our library consists of donated books and some that the lodge already owned. We discuss new purchases during an informal meeting and readily accept donations of books.


Troll Stomper
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My Lodge has a small library that is under lock and key. The only one with access to it is the Secretary. We've had problems with books being "checked" out, and never returned.

I tried to get the Secretary to let me help him organize the library/catalog the selections. I even have offered to set up a system for the book loan process with some inexpensive software.

He doesn't seem all that interested in letting me in there to go to work. I think he wants a hand in it, but just doesn't have the time.


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I am still working on my lodge's library . I have been waiting till winter to really work on it when everything slows down . If I get all the books promised to me , it should be a rather large library . One Brother promised his entire home Masonic library and I think he has every book written about Freemasonry lol .

Bob Franks

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No one at my Lodge seems interested in having a Lodge library.
I was surprised to learn several years ago that many Brothers have very interesting books, so I had an inspiration to have a 'virtual library.'
I started a card file, first categorizing my own books, then announcing in open Lodge the "Wayne Lodge Library," which would be books staying in the homes of their owners, but with a central list (my card file) inventorying the Masonic books of the members.
I got a few books listed on the cards, but there was never any activity.
Maybe it could work for you.



Troll Stomper
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I think that there is a lack of awareness that my Lodge even has a library because it is out of eye sight.

I plan on getting the Masonic Education committee together to help me. The point being that it will encourage discussion of topics for our Lodge education during stated communications. I thought maybe we could spark ideas by working with the materials we would be referencing.