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Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer
ALL masons interested in military Freemasonry are invited to visit:

Freemasons In The Military - Forum

Anyone may participate, civilian, veteran, active duty. Please join us.
Thank you, Brother Charles! I was not aware that (where I've been a member for a good amount of time) had a military/Masonic discussion forum.
I was just on, in another tab, trying to give a reply, but I keep getting a 'corrupted transmission' message. Is there a help section in Discussions?

2. I have heard that your GL (KY) has just voted to Recognize PHA Masonry in KY, but it does not yet include visitation. ...step-by-step, inch-by-inch!
3. In my GL (AF&AM of NC), we voted in September to Recognize the MWPHGL of Oklahoma & Jurisdictions, and this was apparently acceptable to even this 'conservative' GL because it charters several military lodges. I have confirmed that the PHA GL of Washington also has military lodges, and just read on that the PHA GL of Texas does also.
As it seems acceptable for NC (AF&AM) Masons to Recognize GLs that charter military lodges, I am asking our Foreign Relations Committee to propose all those PHA GLs that do. Are you aware of any others?