Need Pricing on Lodge Aprons


I am looking to get an idea on cost of plain white Masonic aprons. The aprons that we use in Lodge today need replacing and I wanted to get an idea of cost to bring up in Lodge? Can anyone recommend a supplier for white aprons? Any help is appreciated.




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Sized 12.5 inches X 15 inches with 107 inch long tie. @ $49 per doz.
Cochran Masonic Lodge #217 F&AM
P.O. Box 732
Cochran, GA 31014
Email - for ordering or further information.

Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer

Dean & associates of Albemarle, NC has cloth aprons anywhere from $80/dozen for 13" x 15" cloth with tie strings to $185/dozen cloth - belt with white plastic snap buckles.
Founded 39 years ago by PGM Dean.



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Ask your lodge members if they have any seamstresses or quilters in their family who would be willing to work on the cheap and just have your own made . My aunt can make aprons and it only costs us for the material , the labor is free . Another lodge in my district has a Past Master's wife who makes them , free to the lodge . $5 (regular members) to $10 dollars (Past master) a piece for those outside of the lodge . I have one , nice aprons with quick release clip and elastic belt , I keep it my truck for when I am out and want to visit a lodge and do not have my apron case with me .

Aprons are very simple to make and a good seamstress can turn them out quickly .


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Turn it into a home ec project. I was thinking instead of making a gavel for my year making white aprons with a trim or design for the Lodge.


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I would also recomend Dean and Associates. Good quality at a decent price. Also good people to deal with.