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Masonic Mafia
Yes , we have three lodges in my area , every Fall put on a joint outdoor Master Mason degree . As long as the weather is good , we have a great time . But I have been out there while is has been put on in the rain . Now that is a sight to behold . It is way , way , WAY out in the country . They roast a pig , ribs , have hot dogs and hamburgers .


A Rough Ashlar
I was raised in an outdoor degree. But mine was the last I have seen. Hopefully in the future one will be put on by Marquette.


Masonic Mafia
Cool , it's memorable enough being Raised , but at a special outdoor degree would really be something special . Also Rusty , you are going to have to quit disappearing on us , LOL .

Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer
I just went to an Outdoor Degree last evening outside of Burgaw, NC, on a PGM's property on the Northeast Cape Fear River. We had 4 candidates and the 1st section was uneventful. We were called from Labor to Refreshment between the sections and had an out-flippin'-standing dinner of chicken pastry, green beans, rolls, peach and blueberry cobbler, and (of course) sweet tea.
While we were eating I felt some sprinkles, looked up and saw that the 5% chance of rain had become...that 5%! I went to the Brother's truck who had driven our contingent and got all the umbrellas and a rain jacket. It never really rained, but it sprinkled enough that the team had to work hard to keep each of the candidates from getting soaked on the tarp that covered the forest floor.
We're a "mainstream" (white) grand lodge, but at least 4 PHA Brothers attended and the hospitality extended them warmed me, in spite of being damp from the rain! Only one of the PHA Brothers had ever seen an outdoor degree before (back then, he went on and on about sitting on a bale of hay!), but the other 3 were amused and impressed by the degree. One was the District Deputy Grand Master of a nearby district and I hope he raises interest in his District for attending future degrees.
I did not have an official part, but asked the WM beforehand, and presented each of the candidates with a Masonic Passport to encourage them to travel and visit.
The staffs, the staff stands, columns, officer stations, and The Great Lights on the VSL were all from wood harvested on the property. After closing, the candidates were each presented a gavel used in the degree, also locally made, with the date, the S&C, and the candidate's initials burned onto them.
I loved it!



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30TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WILD BOAR DEGREE & PIG ROAST! Saturday, August 5th @ 8:00AM ....

The "Wild Boar Degree" is a FUN degree conferred each year on either the 1st or 2nd Saturday of August. This year it's being held on August 5th at 8:00 AM (2017)! The Wild Boar Degree will begin at 8:00 AM sharp, with the Auction following the degree work. Lunch will begin around 10:00 AM (Brethren will begin roasting lunch the night before & you're more than welcome to join in and fellowship!)

To receive the "Wild Boar Degree" you simply have to be a Master Mason in good standing from ANY Lodge in the World "recognized by the Grand Lodge of Ohio" (ie. Book of Lodges Masonic).

Please visit http://www.proctorville.net/550_wild_boar_degree.html for detailed information, tips for driving directions and any updates pertinent to the event.

Important note: In order to concentrate on giving our Wild Boar Candidates the attention they deserve "so they'll get their money's worth" :) the Master Mason degree will no longer be conferred within the Outdoor Lodge scheduled events. We're hoping by cutting down on the time involved, attendance will improve by the Outdoor Lodge no longer being an "all day" event. If you'd like to keep apprised of Scheduled Degree Work within Proctorville Ohio Lodge #550, please feel free to visit our website at www.proctorville.net