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My apologies Brethren, I was active on this site for a time, then other things (life & being a GLO) have been taking up my time (as well as my work computer blocking many forums, including mechanic and school bus repair forums). I finally have convinced the new IT lady that the repair forums are a necessary part of my job, the old IT guy felt that I needed to make many phone calls rather than using a forum that had the ability to make my job easier. On the Masonic side of things I am still GJS of my GL as well as Secretary of my Lodge, and an Apprentice Custodian. I was elected Associate Patron of my star chapter this year so I have more memorization to do. On the family side my older (by 361 days) brother passed away Oct 1 2012, and our grandkid number has increased by 1 girl this past year (3 girls 9 boys). For the good or bad of it, I am glad to be back.


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I've been somewhat inactive myself lately due to job stuff and other thing similar to your Masonic responsibilities (I've been appointed to the Grand Lodge Information Systems and Technology Committee and am the District Representative of the GL Widows, Orphans and Worthy Brethren Committee).

My condolences on you loss, my brother. It's good that you see the balance the GAOTU give us.