The Book of Ruth


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On Wednesday evening, a Past Master suggested that I read the book of Ruth to reinforce and better understand more about Masonry. I must say that it's a very enlightening portion and I would recommend it to any Brethren who haven't read it at or anyone who hasn't read it in a while.

He also tasked me with investigating a building at Carnegie Mellon University here in Pittsburgh and identify the style of architecture used for the columns. The answer is 62 columns built in ionic architecture. I've been inside and outside of that building a million times in my life, and it's the first time I've ever stopped to notice that.
Amazing how things can be seen in a different light when you open your eyes to see it.


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After I accepted the Master's appointment to the Senior Deacon chair, A brother came up to me and said, "I take on a project every year. This year it's you." Since that evening most of my Sunday evenings have been spent at his house. He helped me learn my ritual and made me consider taking on new challenges. We call it "Archielodge".

Now, I have more challenges than ritual to work through. He has received his 33rd degree and become District Deputy Grand Master. Yet Archielodge continues. It has become a time we both cherish. I mentioned that once I deliver all the lectures we will have to find some other excuse to get together. He heartily agreed.

Your mentor often becomes your best friend. I always chuckle when I'm sitting in the East and have to receive the DDGM. I always want to say, "Hi Archie! Come on in and have a seat next to me." In many ways, that's exactly what I am saying when I tell the Marshall to form a committee to receive the DDGM. It's just a bit more formal :)


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It sounds like you have a mentor. Congratulations, in my experience that is almost unheard of in Masonry.
I do consider myself lucky in that regard, in actuality, nearly all of the Brothers in my Lodge have been almost overly gracious and helpful. To the best of my knowledge, we have seven Past Masters, a Grand Lodge Lecturer, and the District Deputy Grand Master. The latter two have known me and my family long before I knew them, and I've been meeting with the Lecturer every week since my initiation to help learn my degree work. It's definitely helped immensely in my progress, and I happily accept any other tasks given to me by another Brother.