The Craft Unmasked - The Uncommon Origin of Freemasonry and its Practice


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Brothers et al,

I'm proud to announce that my 11th book is now being printed and shipped this week. It's called The Craft Unmasked! The Uncommon Origin of Freemasonry and its Practice.

As the title says, it covers what the Craft is, where it originated and a whole bunch of other things that help make sense out of what we have practiced today.

You can order it here:

Please let our Brothers know.


Coach John S. Nagy



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"I just finished it. What I think is that it is the most profound Masonic writing that I have had the privilege of reading to date. It brings everything in to perspective. It both simplifies the Craft, and makes it more meaningful at the same time. Thank you!"
-- Bro. Chris Bonner