The pathway to Masonry

Brother Israel

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When I first started researching pirates I began noticing a theme. Alot of their interaction with the French Government involved the Knights of Malta. Trying to find out who these Knights were, I was soon engrossed with the symbolism and history of their brotherhood. I began asking questions but no one seemed to really know who these guys were. Some people had a rough idea but no one knew why these guys were still around. Then I began finding symbolic connections to the Freemasons and dug further into the teachings and allegory of the ancient institution and was intrigued. I wanted more. I wanted to be a part of that history, to make a contribution to my time period with the assistance of Brothers who felt and thought the same as I did.

In Massachusetts, MW Jeffrey Black Hodgedon made a daring attempt to bolster the numbers of members and began advertising Square and Compasses Day, an open house at every lodge throughout the state, an opportunity for the community to understand just what Freemasonry is (though not its secrets, mind). Being a fatalist, I felt I had to attend. I looked around and met a great bunch of guys, so I asked - "How can I join?" And it was that easy.


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While in Egypt a friend of mine suggested I read Holy Blood Holy Grail. Then I started picking up more and more templar type books. That sparked the interested, I spoke with my neighbor who is a MM from Texas, I went down and submitted my petition. And the rest as they say is history, so far I have traveled all over the world and met other MM's from Germany, Qatar, Egypt and Australia (where I attended Lodge)

Pretty cool!


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My Path

I don't think it coincidential that I'd been meeting Masons through out my early years. I first, about the age of 17-18, worked at McDonalds. One of the individuals that I was working with, turned out to be a Mason. He told me a little about it, but being 17-18 I wasn't "too" interested.

Then I took a trip out east with a friend so that he could visit his girlfriend in Kentucky. Well, while out there, my friends girlfriends' "friend" just so happened to be a Knights Templar. I was greatly intrigued. He took us to his temple, and I was amazed by the full suits of Knight armor they had present in the temple.

However, I was just visiting and couldn't inquire much. Well a few years went past, and I was now knowledgeable enough to recognize a Masonic symbol when I saw one.

I started going to school here at ITT Technical Institute in Salt Lake City and one of the individuals I found myself befriending, just so happened to be a Mason (as was indicated by the ring he adorned). I fully inquired about becomming a Mason, and thus found myself asking "how do I become a Mason".

The rest is history, and here I am today. :cool:


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My Pathway to Masonry

My pathway began as a child. Several of my uncles, a grand father and my dad were masons. During these days masons did not discuss or mention masonry to often. But, as a child and later as a young person I saw the character, strong morals and high principals that were the hallmarks of my dad and my grand father. Looking back on things now that I am a mason I see that I was raised to be a mason. My dad and my grand father prepared my heart in those young years of my life.

Later in life after my dad and grand father had passed away. I felt a longing. Somewhere inside a part of me was searching to find a missing part. I was not aware that it was light I was searching for, just that I was searching.

In 2002-2003 I went through a family crises. It was a emotional, stressful, and trying. On a sunny May afternoon in late 2004 I did what I have done for every year of my life. I bought a Shrine paper. But, this day was different. I ask the mason who sold me that paper how to become a mason. I was 50 years old. After my first degree I knew I had found what was missing.

I took my second degree and found the connection to my dad and grand father that I had longed for for so many years. Then, I was raised...and there in the light I stood and my heart was home. A journey that I thought was complete was now just starting. The light did not end, but pointed me further.

As Frost so rightly said, "two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference."
I had found the journey that my dad and grand father had been on and had prepared me for as a boy. And, indeed that has made all the difference.


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My path to the Light

I never really knew what masons were till college

In college i was asked to restart the schools drama club that had been dormant for approx 30 years. In doing this i was contacted by many people who were interested in helping out . One day we all met up for the first time and there was a gentleman there who was drinking coffee and generally keeping to himself. after a few meetings we started talking about his experience in the theatre and so forth and so on ..he took of a ring he was wearing and poured himself another cup of coffee. I glanced down at the ring and asked one simple question" whats that?" he went on to tell me he was also a member of a lodge of freemasons in the area and that these lodges are designed to make good men better and listed some famous masons that i might have heard of.

I was interested to learn more and so i asked him where i could find information about joining a lodge

he said he would bering the form to our next drama club meeting and he did.
That was 5 years ago i have been a MM for 3 years and i am well on my way to my seat in the west next year. My frined and brother who was there for me from day one is Peter Lee the quiet coffee drinker who has brought me to this new adventure and i thank him for it.

and thats my path to masonry

interesting post script to that story I waited 20 years and had to travel an hour away from my home in bergenfield to find masonry. i went home the winter break after my initiation only to realize that the bergenfield masonic lodge was literally 3 blocks from my house . I am currently petitioning for duel membership.

Mt Sinai

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Most of the references to Masonry that I encountered were in the context of conspiracy, ala 'Behold A Pale Horse'...While reading Jim Marrs' 'Rule By Secrecy', I found that his description of Masonry being a sort of crossroads of paths and practices, being composed of knowledge and wisdom from Christianity, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Kabbalah...containing eastern philosophy as well as western mysticism...I thought 'geeez, this sounds like just what I've been looking for!'.

At first, my only real interest in the Craft was admission to lodge libraries, an opportunity to study from the inside...but the more I looked into it all, I found that the wisdom to be gained was going to be found in the ritual, and active participation in the well as living the lessons that were found therein. With these realizations, I put in my petition, and began my life as a Craftsman!


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Even though I am not married to a Mason, I have had a surprisingly large amount of exposure or contact with them, even when I didn't know a fellow was a Mason until after knowing him for a while.

I see Masons as ritual magicians and consider them a branch of pagan practices. The attention to ritual and creating sacred space is reflected in many of my own practices, and I enjoy learning about different ritual methods because many of the goals are the same. Not all, but many.


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My path to Masonry

Basically when I was born I was born with a condition that prevented me from walking and the Shriners Hospital was the first place I went to for help. They did a lot for me that I am forever thankful for. Later when I participated in wheelchair track the local Masons sponsored one of our meets. Then as a teenager I became interested in Hermetic ritual practices and groups such as the OTO, Golden Dawn, and Rosicrucians. Finally when I became an American History teacher I began to see how much Freemasonry has influenced our History. I wanted to be a part of it! So on May 15th of this year I became an Entered Apprentice Mason of Hillsborough Lodge #25 Tampa, FL. Fellowcraft coming up in October.

Dan McGarrigan