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Got Raised Oct. 1st, guess I should ask those Questions in my lodge at the next meeting.


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My jurisdiction allows an EAM to wear the ring if one chooses, although most wait until after they're Raised. I wear mine as a reminder of my duties and my obligations, but as mentioned above...wear it whenever you feel and for your own reasons. Congratulations on being raised.


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I have no idea what your jurisdiction has to say on this matter , but in mine you can slip your ring on your finger the moment you are Raised .

With the exception of when I am suited up for lodge or other functions I personally do not wear my ring anymore myself , I dress like a bum and feel tacky with an expensive gold ring while in flip flops , ratty old t-shirts and shorts or warm-ups/sweats , sweatshirts and beat up sneakers .

Bob Franks

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You can start wearing your ring any time you want, since you are now a Master Mason.
Now, it may start conversations about Masonry, and if, as a newly Raised Mason you are not comfortable answering questions about our gentle craft, you may decide to wait to wear it.

How about you open a thread in "Initiation" and tell us a little bit about yourself?



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Depends on how the compasses are displayed, doesn't it....
Good point if you're referring to a Masonic ring in general...although I think the OP has identified it specifically as a MM ring.

What's the verdict Kenny, are you sporting some new bling?! :)


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I've been to several MM Degrees where a ring was presented at the end of the evening and the Brother began wearing it immediately. I personally waited... about a week. :rolleyes:


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In TN you cannot display anything Masonic until you have been raised. My brother (sibling who is also a F&AM) started to wear his the day it came in the mail. I personally cannot stand wearing a ring. Instead just carry a masonic wallet.


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Wisconsin nothing Masonic is worn. I had my mentor present me with my ring after all was said and done.


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My dad gave me a choice of several family Masonic rings that had been left to him. I chose my grandfather's because it had a design I liked, had it resized and I wear it when I go to Masonic functions.
Most states allow you to wear it after you're raised, but some only allow you to after you have gone through all of the chairs. Just depends on where you're at.


What states prohibit wearing the ring until you have gone through the Stations and Places? That's new to me!

What about lapel pins?


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I've never heard you couldn't wear a Master Mason's ring until you've gone through the line... I wonder if where you heard that from was confused with the Past Master's ring.
How long should I wait, before I wear the Master Mason Ring?
My take on this is slightly different and is not in anyway linked to a Grand Lodge's attempts to regulate the wearing of jewellery.

I would not recommend any brother to wear any masonic identifiers until such time that he can comfortably explain to someone what Freemasonry is about without overstepping the bounds of any Obligations he may have taken.