What's on your iPod or in your CD player ?


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I have over 11,000 songs and a few movies and TV shows on my iPod. Been on a Pink Floyd binge lately but yesterday I listened to Yes live from 1974, the Relayer tour (my favorite Yes album). Now I'll probably listen to a lot of Yes music until something else distracts me.


Plus-sized tuxedo model
I don't think there is 3,000 songs I even like let alone 11, 000 , wow .
I have gathered a lot of music over the years because I provide sound systems for kite festivals in my area. I'm the Lodge DJ, too. I used to bring a laptop and connect it to the board. Now I make a playlist for the iPod ahead of time and just let it run for filler music. Anything outside of that gets played on CD. The iPod is one of the 160 GB Classics. It isn't even half full yet.

Ever heard of "The East Village Opera Company"?
East Village Opera Company

Give "La Donna e Mobile" a listen on the web site. It's one of my favorites.


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I don't even know where I put my iPod touch (my first iPod/MP3 player). I tired of it rather quickly and went back to my CDs' .


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Golden Palaminos, Tribute CD to Jimi, Foot prints in the earth.
Radio: Country (2 presets), Mix soft rock, rcok, NPR

I have 3 MP3 players, they work GREAT for SKIING
Mine ranges from Hall & Oats to Godsmack......... yesterday at the firehouse, we went 1980ies and pulled out the Hall & Oats.....and some Tesla. When I work out, I have a mix put together ...mostly Iron Maiden,Godsmack,Pantera,Five Finger Death Punch.....speaking of which, have ya heard their remake of "Bad Company"....it is good.....When I am driving, I tend to listen to country....it helps me keep my lead foot out of the pedal.....Pantera+driving= TICKET


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I got a speeding ticket once listening to Golden Earrings "Radar Love" . For some reason that song makes me put my foot in it .


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  • Beatles
  • Doors
  • John Denver
  • Jimmy Buffet
  • CSN
  • Mama's & the Papa's
  • Eagles
  • Joan Baez
  • Woody Guthrie
  • Hendrix
  • Joplin
  • More Beatles...


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Well, the Beatles just became available on iTunes, so I'm probably going to get the Blue and Red albums to start with, and I'll be listening to those for a while. I've also been listening to Sinatra, the Forrest Gump sound track, and some Stan Rogers. Oh, and the Arrogant Worms. Great comedic music.


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Yup! lol I like it because the message is usually a positive one unlike most American hip hop.


I'm not Jewish, but I'd love to learn Hebrew one day. Maybe I can find a Dummies guide for that. Or maybe Winter can come down here and teach this Dummy sometime...LOL

I've got in my IPOD:

The Blue Brothers
The Black Crowes
Jimi Hendrix
The Who
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dream Theater
Glenn Miller band
Buddy Rich
Gene Krupa
The Rolling Stones
Rob Zombie
Led Zepplin

And more....


The majority of the stuff on my iPod isn't music. I am very big into spoken word audio so I have quite a few audio books (authors such as Grisham and Crichton) but the majority of it is podcasts. I have over 20 gb of podcasts on my iPod(80 gb iPod classic). They range from NPR shows like Car Talk to satirical comedy news programs, to technology, to BBC radio shows, to economics, to a show about the TV show The Office. But some of my favorites are the podcasts about Masonry. I have 3 seperate podcasts about Masonry:
  • Masonic Central
  • The Digital Freemason
  • And my personal favorite- X-Oritente
Any one else listen to podcasts or am I the only one?

Oh, and I have music too. My most recent purchases have been The Beatles sense they just came to iTunes.


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I've only got 9300 tracks in my iPod. I like a variety of musical styles.

Man where to start?

Here's some general categories.

Opera (Puccini is my favorite)
French Impressionists (Dubussy, Satie)
Classic Rock
Big Band (Benny Goodwin, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, etc.)
Some punk and alternative rock
New Age
60s (Beach Boys to Jimi Hendrix)
Odd stuff (Billy Bacon & the Forbidden Pigs)
Country (Bob Wills, Asleep at the Wheel)
Soundtracks (Danny Elfman, Mancini)
Gershwin (he fits plenty of categories)
neo-Classical (Kronos Quartet, Philip Glass)

Just an assorted bunch of stuff, I guess
As of yesterday, muy iPod has the following note on it:

This piece of sh!t..I spent almost $300.00 f@#kin dollars on it and its broke.....Apple you cheap mutha....I hope you go bankrupt!!!

needless to say, I am not happy with the service from Apple.......

ps: I had only one Monster at the time I wrote my note.....I have found that if I write a note and vent to myself, I dont spend hours on the phone yelling at someone that really could care less....