World of Tanks


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Do you like WWII history?

Do you like tanks?

Do you like WWII tanks?

Do you like blowing stuff up?

Do you like driving a WWII tank through building and then blowing stuff up?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I would recommend you check out the very fun MMO tank game called World of Tanks.

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Free to download, Free to play!
You get to command your own tank in a huge environment against other players. With 15 tanks on a side it gets crazy!

I am so hooked on this game right now, Brothers!


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I've heard it is a great game. But I'm sitting on Assassins Creed 3, Dragon Ages Origins 2 and the new Dues Ex. I haven't even had the time to take them out of the package yet.


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OHH Send me your AC3, I fell off th bandwagon after the first one, but I've heard nothing but good things since.

Winter price??