Cars, motorcyles, loud noises, go fast, and the like...


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Post 'em up fellas:

2002 IS300
563HP / 442 TQ @ 23psi
2JZ-GTE bottom end
Supra Coils
Custom inake manifold
67mm PTE turbo
Meth injection (soon to be removed)
V160 transmission (Supra tranny)
Triple-disc Carbon clutch
GS400 rear end
Kaaz LSD
etc, etc, etc...


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Great Thread. Ima gunna like this. Once I figure out how to post pics I'll get my car up here. Twin Turbo V8 anyone??

The project I'm working on is an 85 Buick Regal T-Type(same as the Grand National). I ripped out the turbo V6 and replaced it with a Ford 351w V8 .030 over with a stock bottom end rebuild. Edelbrock everything to include timing gears, Performer RPM heads, Victor JR intake(for fuel injection) Performer RPM camshaft(for now). Holley HP EFI stand-alone fuel injection system with 1000 CFM Throttle Body, 90 LB/HR injectors, Holley boost Fuel regular, 5/8" fuel line with Aeromotive fuel pump(spits gallons of fuel an hour) After Market T4 twin turbo setup(will be upgradeing to T7 or T8 twin turbos. Fabbing external wastegates now, intercooled.

Near future plans are for a new bottom end. New C&C machined block clearanced and stroked for 427 cubic inches(hence the T7/T8 turbos) with complete forged bottom end.

Like I said I will have pics, hopefully by this weekend


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Again , you can upload pics right here on FMH . Just go to your "User CP" scroll down to "Pictures & Albums" and create an album .

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My wife says i have too many toys... I dont believe there is such a thing.

Ive got a few more bikes in the basement that are in pieces. a 2000 Suzuki TLR, 1977 Kawi KE175, and my buddy is borrowing my 1993 Yamaha TDM 850.

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buick and cop.jpg


this is my truck I took the engine out of for my Buick, the the other pic is me being a bad boy. State troopers don't like burn outs in the middle of the road

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Hmm, should I take the training wheels off my MoPed before I take the photos?


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2007 Trailblazer SS, 375rwhp, 400ftlbs PCM ForLess tune, cold air intake, Borla Dual Exhaust, LED turns n tails, Beltech 1 1/2" lowering kit, Estimated low 14s. Not bad for. 4600lb grocery getter!