Masonic Mafia
My Hotmail account was hacked and an e-mail was sent out to all in my address book stating that "I highly recommend this site" with the attached link . So everyone from my Mom to the Grand Master received a link to an AWESOME (joking on the awesome part) porn site from me lol . I could not help myself and clicked on the link and it was some porn that would have made the most deviant pervert blush .

I was talking to my Mom on the phone when she noticed the e-mail and I yelled "DON'T OPEN THAT !!!" . It took a couple of days to clear it up and get my Hotmail account back under my control but I wonder what the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master thought when they opened it !? I have not received any phone calls or letters informing me that Masonic charges were being leveled so maybe that was their cup of tea LOL .

I did send out an E-mail informing all that it was not I who sent it and that I was hacked but that was a couple of days after the fact .