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Got part of the garden in today. Needed a break from work. Does not look like I will be getting my horse manure for the garden for a long time. But some of the plants are in. No I do not remember which ones at the moment. But it is a basic garden, basic veggies.


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We had a few inches of wet snow, followed by an accumulation of ice and rain on top of it. No clue when I'll get mine in this year.


I'd like to plant a garden in my back yard. The only thing stopping me is the invasion of squirrels.

I used to have bird feeders around my my property. Those little tree rats got so greedy, not only did they eat all of the feed or dump it on the ground, they also ripped up my screens on my patio to try and locate where I stored the bags of seed.

I won't put in a garden until I can find an effective way of keeping them at bay.
Put out a garden and use the bird feeders as a sacrifice to keep the tree rats out of the garden......I have deep that just love my garden....things grow very well and the deep have easy access


I tried that. Like I said, they are greedy. The more food put out the more they take. Including the food meant for my family.

I once had grown pineapples. Mind you it takes about two years for them to begin to bear fruit. Once the pineapple started to ripen, they chomped into it and ruined it. The worst part is that you can't pick them early, as they wont ripen when separated from the plant.

I've tried everything I can think of to thwart them. Outside of building a greenhouse (which I can't afford), I don't know what to do.

I may have to trap them and see if I can thin out the population. :rolleyes:


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squirrels are amazing creatures , they can figure out ways around things . They are problem solvers . Watch one sometime , I used these special cones to keep them out of my bird feeders , I have one that studied on it for a couple of days till he figured out a way around it . I Moved the feeders to my backyard so my dogs would keep them at bay , they figured out a way around that also .

I once watched a special on Animal Planet , how these researchers set up an obstacle course for squirrels , with puzzles to be solved along the way with treats at the end when accomplished and the squirrels figured the course out in no time .