Grand Lodge of Georgia Bans Gay Men


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I heard about this when it first happened. The first thought I had was what a loss to the Fraternity. There are gay men in my lodge who contribute their time, money and energy to make us a great lodge. I would demit and resign my membership before obeying that rule.

The next thought was there must be a line of civil liberties lawyers outside these brothers' homes just waiting for the chance to tear down the Grand Lodge building.

I never saw sexual orientation on any petition or application form to join the Fraternity. This is none of our business. What next, no African Americans? Oh, wait, they already tried that.

Charlie Buckles

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I am planning to permanently move to Georgia next spring and will join a Lodge in my new state. I am in need of a description of what specific sexual practices constitute Masonic fornication in that state. When will the Grand Lodge of Georgia have this document prepared? (What? Too soon?)

Bob Franks

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I have worked in the medical community for 45 years [file clerk, orderly, Hospital Corpsman, O.R. tech, prison sick call tech, physician assistant] and from my first job, I have had many colleagues and coworkers who have a same-sex orientation. Never had any occurrence of being propositioned by someone of my sex. No issue whatever.

I am a heterosexual. When I was a man in my 20s, I was virtually a predator. If you could wear a skirt without being arrested, I would probably have chased you! I seemed to be more interested in notches on my gunbelt than relationships. I imagine that the WAVES [they were still designated that] at my base grew weary of my harassment.
I am glad that I am no longer that person!
Between experiences, a solid marriage, and Freemasonry, I have learned to subdue those passions.

Is it supposed to be more moral to be an heterosexual libertine than a monogamous gay man?

How many of the Georgia (and other places that discourage gays) Masons would whisper wise counsel in the ears of men who are adulterous, living with a woman without marriage, or even just fornicating [any sex outside of marriage] on dates?
Would you consider a petition from a man who has been in a stable gay marriage (even if your state doesn't recognize them?) for many years?

This is truly unfortunate. I was literally ambushed by protesters armed with video cameras at a recent Masonic event in Ventura County which is normally a very peaceful place. I was told there were lots of very rude protesters outside the World Conference in San Francisco last month as well---all over the "Georgia Edict". I'm worried it may take a toll on my business among other things. What can be done here in a way that does not break our GL rules?
Moreover, I am now hearing that there are documentary film crews and protesters going around and disrupting Masonic events. That cannot happen. I believe all of this will truly disrupt the sanctity of our organization. If Georgia wants to do its own thing, let them, but I want no part


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I brought this issue up to our DDGM who assured me that the Grand Master of Massachusetts is well aware of it. I have no idea if he would take any action, especially the "nuclear option" of withdrawing recognition. I would support that, I believe. Thankfully, I don't need to make that decision. It did, however, work with GLNF but that was a totally different situation.


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This is truly sad. I go to Savannah often and it is unfortunate that they (and I'm sure it is a small but powerful few) feel so uncomfortable about something that isn't their business that they've banned me from traveling there. Oh well. I sometimes wonder why they spend so much time thinking about us gay men anyway ;)