Greetings from Venice (Italy)


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For first, i would like to express my appreciation for the remarkable contents i found on this Forum, which i see as such a reliable opportunity to discuss Freemasonry, with the aim to continue learning, while enjoying the amazing resource this website is.

I am an E.A. , regularly initiated in October 2016, in the Gran Loggia Regolare d'Italia, which is actually the unic italian masonic obedience recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

Before becoming a Freemason, i spent some year reading about Freemasonry from books, to periodical magazines or through trustworthy websites; i was looking to reach responsibly the appropriate awareness necessary to understand if the masonic initiatic path was the right choice for me.

Today, i can say without doubts that in addition of this being one of the best choices of all my life, at the same time, everyday i feel as it is exactly the most natural thing i could choose for my personal development, on every aspect of myself.

Needless to say, how significant Initiation was for me, as i can recall, just for instance, that the fact Initiation is done blindfold (apart from the symbolic meaning in itself), now i understand this someway helped me a lot also to be more focused toward words and situations, absorbing better the symbolic message of words and actions as the nuances of the atmosphere which belongs to the meanings of the ritual, without being distracted by watching anything.

I would like to thank this Forum for the hospitality which makes possible for me to share experiences and points of view about Freemasonry in this website.