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I was reading a bit of information on DeMolay in our July Sands newsletter. They stated that statistically young men are more apt to join the Masonic Lodge at the earliest lawful age after attaining membership in the DeMolay.

Does this relate to your experience?


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I've never belonged to a Lodge that had a DeMolay chapter so I couldn't say. As for youth programs, which I am wholeheartedly for, I tend to favor the military ones. I grew up in the CAP program.


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We don't have our own chapter,however we have one close by & from that experience I can state that many of those young men have become Brothers.
I was talking with a kilt-maker at renfaire on Sunday about a S&C kilt pin (salivate), he was not a Brother, however his assistant chirped in that he is DeMolay and was being initiated soon.


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As a Senior DeMolay, I'd have to say that yeah. DeMolays are more likely to join the lodge than other young men their age. Here in TX, the State Master Councillor and the State Junior and Senior Counsellors are all Master Masons and Active DeMolays, something I'm very proud of.