Knight Masons

Terry S

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No, thats Knights Templar. Im a part of that one. I was searching for Templar stuff when i came across the Knight Masons again and it sparked my curiosity.


Traveling Templar
The Knight Masons are an invitation-only honorary group within the York Rite. I'm not sure if you just need the Royal Arch or all the way through the Commandery as the invitation sheet lists both what offices you've held in all 4 bodies, but says that you must be a member in good standing in the Lodge and Chapter.

Terry S

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Oh - If its is indeed York Rite then my apologies to sebutler1234.

What do they do? Is it just a title and not much of a lodge?

Terry S

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Cool - thanks for that link.

I wonder what i need to do to get invited?? Ill ask around when i go to my first Chapter/Council meeting.


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Terry, you might want to hold off actually asking for an invitation.

I don't know how your jurisdiction is but there have been some men in SR & Shrine in NE who asked for an invitation to an honorary body and have been black-listed from ever recieving that honor.