Psalms 118:22


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My Grandfather was a mason, and his father before him. John Wheeler who was active in Pasco, WA. I am not 100% against masonry or biased against it. My Grandfather was a Man of God who frequently had Bible studies at his home, and I knew to watch a lot of CBN.

He died, and I was around the age of 9 or so, I don't remember very well, and my family was at his place digging through things they would like to have. I really loved him. I would have liked something special to remember him by. I found a cool sword. I liked swords. It happened to be a Mason Sword from my Great Grandfather. I didn't know anything about masonry, but it was denied me by my mom, and other family because of the occult connection to Masonry.

I became a Friend of God. If you care to know that story you can see find it at the following blog:

Anyway, I am curious to know who the Builders are. They could be Masons or Jews or The Catholic Church or something else in God's eyes. There had to be a falling away, and given you believe, or are tolerant of Islam, then that makes you false, and of a bad spirit. Riding the goat? You really believe Muhammad was the seal of Prophets?

I felt I suddenly had all knowledge connected with the sword because of Psalms 118:22. It wasn't that I had all the knowledge at once, or everything, but I was more like Socrates, and the right questions brought out the right answers towards God's Kingdom. God directed me to KingdomWatchers.


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At the age of 29 I considered myself a normal man. After the events in my blog I developed what I call my diamond. That is a Third Eye like Colonel Kurtz "Apocalypse Now." I developed a form of telepathy because that is how God talks with his angels.
I call it guided privilege. I didn't ask for it or want it. It happened, and God guides me where he wants me to use it.

You can't lie to me. I am not here to condemn you absolutely, lodge to lodge, but to tell you to be right with God Almighty. Not Allah the moon god similar to Baal, who had three daughters similar to Mara the Desire Demon, whose three daughters Buddha fought off BC. Hugh Hefner has kept three girlfriends on rotation. Connection?

I come from a prophetic tradition, as all prophets from the Bible, say Isaac was to be sacrificed by Abraham. Some Masons support Islam. Islam is nothing more than Arabic Mormonism where Muhammad says Ishmael was to be sacrificed by Abraham when all the prophets of the Bible knew it to be Isaac. That is how Satan works. He plays into people's passions against the Truth. He is a liar and deceiver. Muhammad contradicts prophets of the Bible many times. (Amos 3:7)

I find there is some sort of unholy alliance with secular humanists at universities, and in the government with Islam. Two groups that have nothing in common except they are historic enemies of Christians. How far are Masons involved in that?
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I am delighted you found this forum. Unfortunately, you have been taught many things which are simply not true. I have had encounters with men like you before and understand that the people who have taught you to believe the lies told about us are those you trust and respect most. I, as a member of the group you have been taught is wrong, have absolutely no chance of convincing you that anything you believe about me or my brothers is not true. I have neither your trust or respect.

Let me clarify some things about us, though. First, we neither support or promote any religion. We simply require that all who wish to join with us believe in the Supreme Being. We have no interest in what you call Him or how you worship Him. That's between you and Him. We also do not allow discussion of Religion in lodge as this is a topic which divides men while we seek harmony.

Our lessons are based upon a story found in the Bible. Our meetings begin and end with prayer.

If you have come here to enlighten us, I'm sorry but you've come to the wrong place. We will not engage in that kind of discussion.

If you've come here to learn about us, we will be happy to share as much as we can. Perhaps if you take the time to listen before making up your mind about us we could become friends. Who knows, you might even learn to trust and respect me.