rainbow girls or jobs daughters

Paul sale

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i have an 11yr 7yr and 6yr old daughters all are interested in rainbow girls or jobs daughters, but i cannot find any in central iowa. can anyone give me more info or guidance in the right direction.

thank you paul


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The closest Job Bethel is in Council Bluffs, but you live close to a Rainbow Assembly! We also,live in central Iowa and my daughter is 12 and in Rainbow Girls. They meet at the Southgate Lodge building. We have a great Rainbow Assembly winning all state, national,etc awards. The Adult leader name is Tiffanny. Your daughter would be very welcome there! I am sure my daughter would love to help her with her petition etc !


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Closest group usually is best choice.

Either group would be wonderful for your daughters. If the drive to a Bethel is too far and an Assembly is very close, Rainbow it is. Besides the two meetings a month there are other activitites and you want your daughters to experience everything.


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I hope your daughter enjoys the Rainbows. I'm involved with a local Bethel of Job's Daughters, but I support both organizations. I've gone to a few Rainbow events and given donation to them.


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Local Bethel #71 had a "Prospect Night" with outdoor movies and food. It had a modest turnout but was fun. I'm not an advisor but as I was there with three potentials I was welcomed with open arms. My two sisters-in-law had a blast and want to do more and my daughter is being groomed into the Jobie mascot!