I'm Maria, from Algeria... I don't belong to any lodge, but I've some initiated friends in France, I'm working on leaving this land because I already received enough menaces, for wearing cross, putting the Compass, the Square & G as a wallpaper... Just for arguing and saying I'm not muslim...

I'm feeling so alone here. And I'd like to know sage initiated people :)

I'm a rosicrucian, and in the same time, an obssessed by the Kadosh Knight degree ^^



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Hi Maria,

While I do not mean to offend you, displaying the symbols of our order when you are not initiated is not a great idea. Not only is it insulting to those of us who have earned that privilege, it is claiming to be a member of something you do not belong to. You appear to be a young lady and your zeal is laudable but understand that those of us who are part of regular Masonry do not consider lodges that admit women or atheists to be legitimate. We will not discuss Masonry with someone like that knowing them to be such.