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We'll since the start of this thread, I joined SFI took SFI officer training (OTS & OOC) then the SFI Chaplain 100, completed my Aerospace courses for SF Marine Corp Mobility Pilot, and my SFMC Sr. Chaplain.
I've been appointed Region 6 Chaplain Liaison and hold the rank of Lt Col in the SFMC


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Guess I'm late to the party, but I just joined SFI. Going to be taking some radio courses at the Academy, then possibly communication courses lol. A quick question... how long does it usually take to get your membership number for SFI?

NVM I got the info I needed
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I joined SFI when this thread initially appeared. Today, the USS Venture launched with me as it's Number 1.


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I've finally made Captain!

If anyone wants to join or transfer, the USS Venture accepts remote virtual members too.