What is the funniest thing that has happened during a degree


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Several years ago we were initiating a young man and during the description of the penalty of the OB, he got a really funny look on his face and said HELL-NO!!!!!!!!. This completely messed up the WM so he couldn't continue for a minute or so. I was SD and although he was hoodwinked you could tell his eyes were the size of saucers. We managed to compose ourselves and finished the degree with no further problems.

Another time as the OB was started the candidate repeated his name in the proper place, after the next line he repeated his name again. We finally got him convinced to repeat what the WM said not repeat what he, had said.

An older Brother, who used to be the Deputy Custodian of my District, told me of a MM degree he was at, where the candidate, after being struck by JM(him), fell back and rolled completely head over heels because the canvas was too low and landed on his feet ready to fight somebody.

What is the funniest or most amazing thing you have seen in your lodge during a degree?


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I was first gate a couple of weeks ago. We had five candidates. The first two went without a hitch. The third was more interesting. I grabbed his lapels and made my first demand. He immediately said, "No!" It took me a few seconds to stop laughing long enough to continue.


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I was dislodged from the shoulder of another candidate during my initiation. Being hoodwinked I began roaming indiscriminately about the lodge and almost walked into the Senior Wardens station before I was directed back into line.

Another good one was a friend of mine in another lodge started fighting back when he was accosted by the first Ju. By the end of his raising he felt pretty embarrassed about it all and was nervous about returning to the lodge.


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A very tall brother going through the 3rd degree leaned forward to k*** the VoSL and hit his head on the alter, I mean hard. This was a different lodge room from his previous degrees. It was quit funny even to him as he realized what he did.

A 3rd degree at a lodge about 20 minutes from mine when the brother was struck at the 3rd gate, he snatched off his hoodwink and said "who the hell hit me?". After assuring him this was part of the degree and each of us had went through it we all laughed and continued.


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As second gate I confused my exact lines so I improvised, gritted my teeth and told the Candidate that if he didn't 'follow my commands' that I would "F'ing kill him".
The East laughed and I've had my chops busted about that quite a bit since.