Worried About Protesters

I am worried I will be featured negatively in a video that some gay activists are making criticizing us for the decision in Georgia to ban gays which I had nothing to do with. My friend was made to look like a fool in this video

And I am very worried whatever I said will be manipulated. I cannot afford to deal with protesters--business is not good as it is.
This is ridiculous. As a business owner myself, I cannot stand to be essentially blackmailed by protesters demanding a change in the Masons--something over which I have little control. That said, I believe we must take clear steps now so that we can show the media, protesters and others that they should not target us ordinary Masons and confine their anger towards those perpetrating the discrimination


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The Grand Master must have known this would be the result of his ruling. Grand Lodge validated it. Did they all think this would go unnoticed?

In discussions with brothers in my jurisdiction, some have pointed out that the word "libertine" could be interpreted to include gay men.

From dictionary.reference.com:
[lib-er-teen, -tin]
Spell Syllables
a person who is morally or sexually unrestrained, especially a dissolute man; a profligate; rake.
a freethinker in religious matters.
a person freed from slavery in ancient Rome.