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Masonic Mafia
Have any York Rite Masons used your "mark" since you created it and put in the book of marks .

I use mine when I put my signature on any sheet of paper . It has raised some eyebrows , but I thought why have a '"mark" if I am not going to use it .


I could tell you ...
Yes, I do use my mark from time to tine. When I make something, I frequently put my mark on it. Sometimes I put my mark on mail, etc. so that I know I've looked it over.


MM, RAM, 32nd.
I always do. It's my sign of completion on any patient notes I write, signifying that it is finished. Considering my mark is fairly simple- just my initials with a line and 2 hatches below- it tends not to raise any eyebrows.


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I've been known to scribble a S&C or my mark inconspicuously on paper money as kind of a social experiment to see if I ever receive one of my own bills back as change.
Not yet.


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I used mine for years when I was installing network equipment, so I knew I did the install. (BTW- it was my mark before I was a MMM).

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