Lodge Stores


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What kind of items do you keep in your Lodge store, and where do the profits go? Do you have a small or large store?


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No store. My SR valley sells hats and such and are getting custom ties made but that is about it.


ViMH Advisory Board
Small stores... hats, lapel pins, stickers, wallets. and all money has to go into the general fund. GL rules. Prior to that it was just to self support and any profit made was added into our donation to the local special Olympics.


Masonic Mafia
Both my lodges have small cases in which we sell Lapel pins , tie tacs , car badges , shirts , hats and other odds and ends . One thing about a Freemason , stick a S & C on something and he will buy it .

All money goes into our benevolence fund .


Masonic Traveler
The Secretary (me) has a few items for sale that GL offers -- 150th anniversary coins, tail light stickers, slipper pins, etc. The money goes to into the scholarship fund.


Traveling Templar
My Lodge doesn't have a store, but my York Rite does and we sell pins, jewels, ties, car decals. Money goes to a general fund.


Troll Stomper
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We have a glass display case with ties, Lodge shirts, pins, car decals, cuff links, hats. etc,.


ViMH Advisory Board
Does any Lodge sell books or dvd's? How about rings?
We have a couple of rings (BL, SR, YR, and Shrine) in the 20-40 dollar range. We also have books (Complete idiots and some others). Our treasurer is a driving force to visit the "Pride Case" as it is called in my Lodge.