How old is your Lodge?


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monitor lodge #35 in Butte Montana was Chartered in 1887 it was the rainbow lodge until it was change to monitor here in butte back then we had six lodges but only have three now and maybe only two will be left

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My Lodge formed Dec. 22, 1790 so 221 years? I dont know if its the same as other Lodges but our book of members is the original book from day one. I thought it was neat signing a book that was 220 years old. We still have in possession all the minute of every meeting ever held too. Our Lodge has been in this building for 130 years after it was bought and moved from across the street.


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My Lodge is less than 5 years old. But I have one of the only 25 Founders Jewels made! :p :p :p :p :p :p